Have you noticed that you can no longer sell a home by simply placing a sign in the front yard? You must be more than just willing to sell your home. You must be focused on results and have experience with marketing tactics, creativity thinking, and customized strategy to in order get your home sold FAST and for TOP dollars. Some people beleieve real estate is a tough market and homes sit on display for over 6 months, or a year, or longer. But we have brought offers to seller clients within weeks - and even had multiple offers closed within 2 months. Why take the risk of locking in your home for 180 days or a year? While each month goes by, you are losing 1% of market value, not to mention the emotional stress.We are the market experts and we know how to make your home stand up from the competiton. Contact us for a FREE market analysis and the marketing options to get your home sold. 

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